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Delicious Samosa -  Indian Appettiser          Like all other facets of Indian culture,  cooking too displays a range   and  variety  seen nowhere else in the world. Be it chicken or lamb, fish or  vegetables, hot and spicy ,or mild, you name it, it has got it all.The tandoori preparations of Punjab, sweets of Gujarat and Bengal, the hot pickles of  Andhra Pradesh, the seafood of Goa and Kerala , the vegetable  preparations of  Tamil Nadu and U.P  are all very unique. Even within a state one finds different styles . For eg; the Muslim preparations of Kerala are so different from the rest of the state and has  a very wide range of mouth watering dishes too.    
      Except Kerala,Andhra,Punjab,Bengal,Orissa and the North East regions,  the rest of India is predominantly vegetarian.  The influence of the other  regions and the West is slowly changing this though. Similary , there is  a distinct difference between the cooking of North and South India. Whereas  the   South Indian cooking is primarily rice based , the  North Indian  cooking is more wheat based. Whether North or South , Indian cooking involves extensive use of spices although one need
to say that South Indian cooking is more spicier and hotter whereas North Indian cooking has
 a wider range of cereals and  vegetables.   Spices like  clove, garlic,  chillies,  cardamom,  cinnamon, coriander, black pepper, fennel,  turmeric,  ginger and nutmeg are very widely used.It is indeed worth mentioning that Columbus when he discovered the Americas, had set out to find the route to the spice country, India. In fact  most  of  our foreign  visitors including  the  Portugese,  Dutch  and  the  French had reached our shores  as  spice   merchants and later  stayed on  to  rule  our  country. The  state of Kerala is known as the spice state,  producing most of the spices mentioned above. 
           As the world shrinks with the advancements in modern communication and transportation, Indian food is fast establishing itself  as part of  the world cuisine. Indian Curry and Tandoori Chicken has become familiar terms outside India.  
A typical Kerala style feast - served on plantain leaves
     There are hundreds of  Indian recipes. Please visit our links page to  get links to some of the sites that provide Indian recipes. Try , them, and I am sure that you will be licking your fingers soon.
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