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India  is ,  the  cradle  of   the  human  race,  the   birthplace  of   human  speech,  the  mother  of  history, the  grandmother  of   legend,  and   the  great  grandmother  of  tradition.  Our most  valuable  and most instructive  materials  in  the  history  of  man  are  treasured  up  in  India  only. 

                                                                                                                  -  Mark Twain 
National Flag of India
If    there  is  one  place  on  the  face  of  the  earth  where  all  dreams  of  living  men 
have  found  a  home    from  the  very  earliest  days  when  man  began  the  dreams 
of  existence ,  it  is  India. 
                                                                                                              -  Romain Rolland.  

  INDIA - the land of the Taj Mahal. A land of such  resplendant  beauty and diversity, seen nowhere else. It is the home of one of the oldest civilisations of the world. With a history dating back over  5000 years, India has made many notable contributions to the world in the fields of astronomy , science mathematics , literature, and philosophy.  Over the years she has been subject to a number of invasions, from Alexander the Great to the British, which has contributed to her  cultural diversity . Ancient India had  trade links with many civilisations  including Rome , Greece, China and Arabs.  Taj Mahal -  An Emperor's tribute to Love.
    Geographically , India lies in south Asia bordered by China on the north, Pakistan on the west and Bangladesh on the east. She also shares border with Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.  The southern part of the country is a  big peninsula - the largest in the world. India has a large coastline with Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. These seas are the source of huge marine wealth and is the source of livelihood for hundreds of thousands of  people.  The world's largest democracy is also rich in minerals  like iron ore and coal.  
     After achieving Independance from the British in 1947, India has progressed in leaps and bounds, in all spheres. It has achieved food self sufficiency,solving the acute food shortage it faced 50 years back. It established great centres of learning which has churned out brilliant scientists and outstanding technologists. They have spurred India on its technological march forward. India became the first country outside the big five to launch its own satellite. It conducted its first nuclear explosion for peaceful purposes in  1974. India also developed its first super computer PARAM, the most powerful supercomputer produced outside US and Japan. That it has achieved all this in the face of still uncontrolled population growth, poverty and the ugly spectre of communalism, which raises its head now and then, speaks volumes about the determination of  its people.
     India is a tourist's delight. The most famous tourist attraction is the Taj Mahal. Build in the 17th century in pure Marble, Taj Mahal is the tomb built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz.  However India does not end with the Taj.  Due to its vast size and varying culture,India is a challenge to any tourist. It is an adventure which leaves everyone well satiated at the end of it. The snow clad mountain peaks of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh , the forests of Madhya Pradesh, the deserts of  Rajasthan, the beaches of Goa, the back waters of Kerala, the hustle and bustle of Bombay to the elegance  of New Delhi are all bound to thrill any tourist. You are bound to be amazed by a nation that speaks about 15 languages and 800 dialects,by its richness  and its  poverty.  You will be warmed by the smile on every face,  the song on their  lips. And as 
one finishes the tour of this glorious, country , the sanguine people and the serene land, where time  
India Gate, New Delhi
 has often stood still , is sure to fill the memory for a long time. To learn more about India,
please visit our favourite links page,  which contains links to many sites about  her.  But
better still, set out on a voyage of discovery and we are sure that you will not be
India - Some Known and Unknown Facts : 

  India has never invaded any country in her last 10,000 years of  history.  

   India  invented the number system. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.  

   India established the world's first University at Takshasila in 700 BC 

   Sanskrit is the mother  of all European languages. It is the best  
       suited language for computer software (Forbes magazine, July  '87. 
   Ayurveda is the earliest system of medicine known to humans.  

   The art of navigation originated in the river Sindh 6000 years ago.  
       Navigation  comes from the Sanskrit word "Nav Gatih".  

   Bhaskaracharya calculated the time taken by earth to orbit the sun  
       as 365.258756484 days (in 5th century A.D).  

  In the 6th century A.D Budhayana calculated the value of pi . Quadratic 
      equations were propunded by Sridharacharya in the 11th  century.  

  According to the Gemological Institute of America , upto 1896, India 
      was the only source for diamonds.  

  IEEE has proved an age old suspicion that the pioneer of wireless    
      communication is Jagdish Bose and not Marconi.  

  The earliest reservoir and dam was built in Saurashtra, India during  
       Chandragupta Maurya's time (300 B.C)  

  Chess originated in India.  

  Susruta is known as the father of surgery, performing complex  surgeries 
       as many  as 2600 years ago.