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          Thank  You for  stopping by.  Let us introduce ourselves first.We are Jaishankar and  Priya,  staying  in  the  rich  and  beautiful  island   nation  of  Singapore.  We  come  from  the  state  of  Kerala  in India. Brought up in the quiet and sleepy  capital  of  Kerala  - Thiruvananthapuram,  we have studied at the same college - College of Engineering, Trivandrum. 

         Aggressive netsurfers,  we are also  avid  readers  gulping  anything that  we get  -  trash  or  classic.  We love travelling and of course cooking. We often become each other's  guinea  pigs for 
trying out  various  recipes,  though  when in grave doubt about its quality we call our friends over!! 

        We are  also  great  Music  lovers. Though  not opposed to Indian classical music, our ability  
to appreciate it is  very much  constrained  by our lack of knowledge. So we stick to the  music of  
the masses - Indian film music. We have a large collection of Malayalam  ( the language of Kerala, 
our home state )  and Hindi ( India's national language)  film songs.  We are  big  fans of  Yesudas,  Chitra,  Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh and Asha Bhonsle. 

       So thats all folks. Your journey through our page begins  now. And, once  you  are through,   please do put  in a  line or  two  as  to  how  you  liked it. We  would  greatly appreciate it.  


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